I have put together a video page showing just a quick selection of my digital artworks.

As I continue to create digital artwork's I'll be able to add better content as I hopefully get better?

I'll also be able to add "more content" and a stronger focus on Ufology.

Here's a fantastic Flying Saucer Mothership by Lee Lewis UFO researcher.

I absolutely love writing about UFOs and now it seems artwork. 

The UFO possible engineering side of thing's including the reverse engineering and the technology that's maybe inside the crafts. We've had a lot of whistleblowers step forward and explained in detail the technical side of what goes on all the way across the board!
Here's my second video which I've focused on the digital ink art:
People like Bob Lazar, Luis Elizondo and normal engineer's helping to decipher the technical terms of exotic technology. Then there's ancient Aliens plus historical buildings and other conspiracies... Not to mention the newly coined acronym UAP which is a phenomena so...

That's for another day.

I'm really hoping that I'll be able to add different categories but only later on down the line. At the moment I'm only focused on digital UFO artwork.

Here's the first time I have put together a video of my own digital artwork. I'm hoping that later on down the road (the same road lol) I'll have added a large number of videos of my own stuff instead of just the one video which I have done...

Please, enjoy.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher Digital Artwork from UFO Sighting's Footage on Vimeo.

I use Vimeo and YouTube as my video host.

Credit: Lee Lewis UFO Researcher.

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