More Artwork By Lee Lewis UFO Researcher

More Artwork By Lee Lewis UFO Researcher

Here's my own personal artwork which I've created recently for myself, just doodling I think that's the word.

If you know me, you'll know that I had my own art studio way back in 2001.

There's was a large number of subjects that I covered, but funnily enough I never once covered digital artwork. It's strange because I did think I'd pretty much covered evrry medium?

Or should I say that I was trying my hand at all the mediums from ink, water colour and oil, acrylic multi media, impasto was a favourite of mine which is only wet on wet, wet paint on wet paint without the drying in-between. It created some wild results. Van Gogh was an impasto. The waiting in-between for the oil paint to dry must have drive his eventual mastering the art form?

I used it out of sheer "no patients" I was truly impatient and while I could have done better, I didn't know that then. I sold Artwork so I really was going where it led me, but I gave it up in the end as most people dabbling in artwork inevitably do, because the sales dried up. I had to get a normal life occupation.

Warehouse operative!

Soul destroying, dream crusher and total "blanket control" of the mind!

I did not last long.

Poulton Le Fylde, UK. I moved here in 2010 and what a great bunch of people they are. Leading the way with artwork (in my view) that would be appreciated in any great galleries around the world! In fact, Russia was a great place to be exhibited because once upon a time there was many people I knew actually selling a shed load of their own artwork there (directly without an agent or gallery) through word of mouth and the internet.

Mostly the internet now I come to think about it, but still. A struggling artist (as I was, was very grateful for the commission's believe me. It's all changed now, the good people I knew back then have all gone on to greatness in their own rights.

"Do one thing that scares you everyday"

Attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt (maybe) 

The internet has spearheaded that change with self promotion and advertising, it's been a Good send for want of a better understanding. Many people will be able to relate to that.

In fact, it can be all consuming "the managing, promotion, publishing and meeting new people. Exhausting is the word I'd use. But the internet has taken a massive load off the shoulders.

Artist's, it's a thankless job but someone has to offer the world a different way to look at things...

Please, enjoy:

There's a lot of effort gone into these digital artwork creations, I truly hope you like them.
Anyways, that's a quick introduction to myself, I hope you like the digital artwork that I am creating. A Dell Pen, Dell Inspiron laptop and a bit of time, the rest is a fantastic portfolio the likes of I never thought I'd be able to create!

Dell, send me free stuff, lol.

Artwork credit:

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher.

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