Today's Theme is Alien Astronauts In Space

Today's Theme is Alien Astronauts In Space

Created more digital artwork today, actually I generally create some digital artwork most day's as it's therapeutic.

It's the satisfaction of making something that I really like, starting a piece and only finishing the piece when I'm truly satisfied with it.

Here's my unique Alien astronaut take by Lee Lewis UFO Researcher.

My Alien astronaut by Lee Lewis UFO Researcher.

I reckon a lot of artist's can relate to that sort of thing even if it takes a couple of hours to design, create and stand back to admire it or even if it takes day's to finish one piece? Either way that fulfilling feeling is a good one.

Why do I create digital artwork's instead of painting UFOs or Flying Saucer type creations? I suppose it's the look, it's the all rounded roundness if you know what I mean? It's got that fantastic HD feel to it which I'm sure appeals to a lot of people? I'm talking about the crispy details and epic clarity that comes with Dr designing in a digital environment.

Here's my unique take on Alien the movie.

My take on the Alien from the movie Alien.

Credit: Lee Lewis UFO Researcher.

And I absolutely love the fact that I can start from scratch and bring to life a picture from nothing that looks like it belongs in a gallery. I mean, it's digital artwork so the most important thing any artist must bring to the table is imagination! Without imagination ie bringing to life a whole universe where you are God, the creator of everything - but it must make sense and be understandable!

I hope you enjoy...

An Alien in an astronauts spacesuit escaping Area 51 by Lee Lewis UFO Researcher.

Astronaut on Mars by Lee Lewis UFO Researcher.

Astronaut exploring space by Lee Lewis UFO Researcher.

I truly hope that you enjoy these as much I have? Of course you can use these images if you'd like to? I only ask that you credit me, Lee Lewis UFO Researcher.

Please could you share your thoughts on this post in the comments section below, thanks.

Credit: Canva.

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